What they’re building in there?

“What the hell he is building in there…” wondered Tom Waits in that “Mule Variations” song.

He wrote about the neighbors distrust and paranoia, a typical day of “being compelled to perceive our neighbors through the keyhole”, as he wrote.

The song, the sounds, the voice turned out in my head to paint my own distress and distrust, while i see the city being completely filled by concrete, empty windows, huge parking lots for nobody’s cars, the space is occupied for the good and reasonable sake of profit, which will makes eveybody richer. So they say.

And here comes my distrust. My neighbors are facing a very difficult time and the new “neighbors” are not even living here, just buying the neighbourhood and split, changing the life of thousands with their own agenda.

What i see is a visual violence, depriving (and privitising) public spaces for no social use, just for advertise the presence and the economical power of big corporation.

Berlin is facing a big crisis related with affordable houses because of the tragic, egotistical exploitation of spaces from very powerful so-called “investors”, who are building their own profit on citizen’s shoulders.

The city council and politicians are conniving in this robbery, thinking that this is going to bring money and more investors, which will lead Berlin to a “economical Reinassance” after the fall of the Wall. They are working on that path since 1990. What is actually happening is a visual and social abuse, which everybody is paying for, but the investors.

Especially the weaker, who are forcing to leave their own places to get smaller and cheaper one at the city borders.

A story that every big city in the world well know. Cities are becoming postcards for tourists, massive show off open air trade-fair for big corporations, windows for shopping center visitors, frames for instagram selfies, pension fonds for wealthy meathead.

But the city doesn’t have enough spaces for children, enough apartments for avarage people, enough affordable spaces for culture anymore.

Berlin is facing it, the way this city always did : fighting. Glad to be part of its fight.

Get informed, if you will :






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